Our Work

Our Work

We Champion Zero Waste. From feedback on reports and releases by the government, to resources and presentations for various organizations, our recent projects are listed below for review.




  Federal Discussion Paper

The Government of Canada put out a discussion paper on plastic waste in 2020 and Zero Waste BC submitted this feedback:

Federal feedback ZWBCv2

  BC Recycling Regulation Intentions Paper

The Province of BC put out an intentions paper Recycling-Regulation-Intentions-Paper_2020-09-14) for which Zero Waste BC partnered with Zero Waste Canada to provide feedback:

BC Intentions Paper ZWC-ZWBC response November 19,2020  

  CRD Draft Solid Waste Management Plan

The Capital Regional District developed its draft plan and called for feedback. See ZWBC feedback on the plan here: 

A Zero Waste Review of the CRD draft SWMP final

  Metro Van Biennial Report

Our feedback on the biennial report:

Metro Van biennial report feedback

  Waste-to-Energy OC Authorization

Feedback in collaboration with Zero Waste Canada: 

ZWBC – ZWC Waste-to-Energy OC Authorization 107051 comments copy 

  Metro Van Climate Discussion Paper

Metro Vancouver Climate discussion paper published the paper in Dec 2019. Our feedback in partnership with Zero Waste Canada: Feedback on Metro Vancouver’s Waste Management-Discussion paper to support Climate 2050 and the Clean Air Plan 


  District of Kitimat

Presentation to Council: PresentationZWBC -DoK


Waste Free Fraser Valley

Check out this great short video created by youth for youth in the Fraser Valley. For this Fraser Basin Council youth initiative, John Vissers from Zero Waste BC worked with the youth team.

Tire Stewardship BC -draft program plan

This longstanding program has a draft program plan to which ZWBC submitted feedback to strengthen the program. ZWBC advocates for a broader collection network with no barriers (such as fees or requirements to purchase new tires) as well as caution around use of tires for mulch and playgrounds.

Regional District of Central Kootenay Draft Solid Waste Management Plan

The Regional District developed its draft plan and called for feedback. See ZWBC feedback on the plan here.

The Brewers Recycled Container Collection Council -draft plan for packaging

While the Brewers have a separate program plan for the beverage containers, they are required to develop a program plan for all of the additional packaging which is in draft here. ZWBC submitted feedback on this plan.