Our Work

Here are some recent projects that Zero Waste BC has completed.

Federal Discussion paper feedback

The Government of Canada put out a discussion paper  on plastic waste in 2020 and Zero Waste BC submitted this feedback  (Federal feedback ZWBCv2).

BC Intentions Paper

The Province of BC put out an intentions paper ( Recycling-Regulation-Intentions-Paper_2020-09-14) for which Zero Waste BC partnered with Zero Waste Canada to provide feedback shown here:  BC Intentions Paper ZWC-ZWBC response November 19,2020  

Capital Regional District draft Solid Waste Management Plan

The CRD developed its draft plan and called for feedback. See ZWBC feedback on the plan here: A Zero Waste Review of the CRD draft SWMP final 

Metro Vancouver Regional District

Feedback on the biennial report: Metro Van biennial report feedback 

Waste to Energy OC Authorization -feedback in collaboration with Zero Waste Canada: ZWBC – ZWC Waste-to-Energy OC Authorization 107051 comments copy 

Feedback on the Waste Management Discussion paper -in partnership with Zero Waste Canada: Feedback on Metro Vancouver’s Waste Management -Discussion paper to support Climate 2050 and the Clean Air Plan 

District of Kitimat

Presentation to Council: PresentationZWBC -DoK