About Us

Zero Waste BC is a non-profit society and has been championing Zero Waste since 2008. Our current work is inspired by our Vision & Mission. Our Core Values below are shared with many and if they inspire you, please consider being a part of our community.


We provide research, analysis and guidance to inform policies and practices related to materials consumption, solid waste and more.


We convene conversations with leaders from academia, business, communities, government & environmental sectors to develop solutions.

We present practical ways forward based on facts and innovation. Our network within the community helps to ensure we help create action-oriented solutions.




Sue Maxwell 

Sue has been interested in Zero Waste since 2005 when she wrote her Master’s thesis on it. She has been involved with Zero Waste BC since its inception as well as has volunteered with many other organizations including the Recycling Council of BC, the Sea to Sky Clean Air Association, the Climate Caucus and AWARE. She works as a sustainability consultant with a specialty of Zero Waste, having developed Zero Waste Strategies and helped to form new Extended Producer Responsibility programs, and served one term as a councillor for Whistler. Her travels and experiences of the outdoors continues to emphasize to her the need to protect and regenerate what nature remains and to ensure all people are valued.


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A just world, of vibrant, resilient, regenerative Zero Waste communities, in harmony with nature


Working to drive systemic change towards Zero Waste in BC.

core values

Unsustainable resource consumption is both an environmental and social justice issue. Solutions need to be equitable and socially just as well as reducing the environmental footprint.