Waste-to-energy Webinars -April 3 and 11

Polluting waste-to-energy incinerator companies are once again trying to sell their waste burning facilities to municipal councils. Learn more about these technologies and why they are not the environmental solution they are sold as. Participants will better understand the true emissions impacts of waste-to-energy, learn from cautionary case studies from across Canada, and see how incineration is also failing in Europe.

We are excited to offer two webinars sharing the results of the research by our coalition with GAIA, Environmental Defence, Zero Waste Canada, Toronto Environmental Alliance, Waste Watch Ottawa, Ontario Zero Waste Coalition, Durham Environment Watch and Zero Waste 4 Zero Burning.

April 3rd at 9 am PDT-Join NGOs and community groups from across Canada for an April 3rd webinar on the threat waste-to-energy incineration poses our communities and our climate! Register here.

April 11th at 9 am PDT-Join local government staff and elected officials as well as citizens from across Canada for an April 11th webinar on the threat waste-to-energy incineration poses our communities and our climate! Register here.

Learn more and have your questions answered by the following panelists:

Belinda Li: Belinda is an environmental engineer with over 10 years of experience in solid waste consulting, with a focus on waste reduction and diversion. As a waste data specialist, she has developed robust data collection, management, analysis, modeling, and reporting tools for clients across North America. She will discuss how incineration stacks up in terms of emissions compared landfill and programs that focus on reduction, reuse, recycling and composting.

Liz Benneian: Liz is a former newspaper editor with a degree in science who has been leading environmental advocacy and educational groups for 20 years. As the founder of the Ontario Zero Waste Coalition, she represented citizens as part of the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate change’s two-year long stakeholder meetings on the Waste-Free Ontario Act. She will share the high cost of incinerator failures in Ontario.

Sue Maxwell: Sue is the chair of Zero Waste BC and a consultant for Ecoinspire which for over fifteen years has focused on sustainability and zero waste planning, working with governments, extended producer responsibility programs and businesses. She has been a councillor in Whistler and an active volunteer for waste reduction and community planning. She has a Master of Arts in Environment and Management and her thesis was on zero waste. Sue will present a case study of the Metro Vancouver incinerator.

Janek Vähk: Janek is the Zero Pollution Policy Manager for Zero Waste Europe. He has years of experience combating incineration and advocating for zero waste solutions in a European context. Janek will speak about the European experience with incinerators.

Aditi Varshneya, webinar host: Adi is the US/Canada Network Development Manager for the US and Canada region of GAIA (Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives). She is a community organizer with a B.A. in Metropolitan Studies and a Master of Public Administration from New York University where she focused on urban sustainability, community resilience to climate disaster, and frontline-led solutions.